Customer centric journey from start to finish – complete "cradle to grave" solution

Customer centric journey from start to finish – complete “cradle to grave” solution

iClaim Solutions was born out of the advances in technology and the need to improve the efficiency for insurers.s

With Self-Service being a key driver, iClaim embraces the emergence of social media principles to give a more dynamic customer focussed experience for policy holders, whilst Insurer’s can be comforted that they remain in control.

Our Tools

Both our Validation and Pre-Claim services provide a cutting edge solution which is not only customer focussed but also greatly improves the efficiency of the entire process.

Traditional Insurance Claims Costs

Typically the costs incurred in settling claims can be broken down into key areas which can be expressed as follows:-

  • Internal costs (FNOL, claims administration)
  • 3rd party external validation
  • Product settlement / cash

What difference iClaim products make to Insurance costs

By using iClaim you are able to move some of these costs around and eradicate a large portion of it altogether. iClaim can have its greatest impact on the customer journey by using it very early in the claim.  It is possible to use iClaim during the initial call when a customer notifies you of their loss – the First Notification Of Loss (FNOL) call. If the handler is allowed the time to discuss any valid claim in full rather than spending their time appointing an external supplier then iClaim can guide them to the point of settlement. Obviously the handler will spend more time on this stage of the claim but with less administration overall due to no third party to appoint, manage, invoice to settle etc. the overall effort will be reduced.

Product Strength

One of our greater strengths is that our services are fully web enabled and through our web app customers have full access to our modules through our innovative Dashboard keeping them involved and be part of the process.

The customer will also experience a much faster journey rather than having to wait for a follow up call and can have their claim agreed and settled in their first call.


The Dashboard gives access to all our innovative interactive modules. This gives the customer the flexibility & freedom to communicate & engage with the process thus improving transparency.


Our very own App enables customers to feel part of the process anytime and anywhere. This app can be used on all mobile and tablet devices across both iOS and Android


Being web based and portable, loss adjusters and engineers can use it on portable devices for onsite visits. Validation can be done remotely and significantly reduce the number of inbound phone calls.