Policy holder journey commences at inception of the policy

At iClaim Solutions we believe that the journey for a policy holder doesn’t begin when a claim needs to be made, but rather that journey commences at the inception of the policy.

Through our Dashboard, policy holders now have access to our interactive modules making sure that they are fully included in the process.

Our interactive modules assists in providing:

  • Captures policy holders’ individual home contents’ crucial information to help calculate premiums and facilitate claims resolutions.
  • Handles jewellery, watches, rare valued items, ‘Objet D’art and unusual possessions, specially adapted items etc .
  • Available on all mobile, tablets and portable devices.
  • Ready to adopt the latest available technology, including Block Chain, now responsible for ‘ bit coins’ and all current digital currency on the market.
  • Brings respectability and trust in the claims handling operation.

Key features

    • Transparency
    • Eliminating fraud at FNOL
    • Efficient and fast file closure
    • No disagreement with the value to be attributed to original items