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Historically the validation and settlement of claims (electrical and otherwise) has been in the hands of providers who will claim to have specialist product and market knowledge which enables them to ensure the best possible claims settlement for all concerned.

But do they?

What about repairs? Do they repair enough or is there a vested interest in them offering a replacement instead?

What about replacements? Is it like for like or have they got boxes to shift? Did the policyholder actually want a replacement or would they rather have had cash?

What about salvage? Is there money to be made from any of the components in the damaged item (especially IT and mobile phones)? Who’s making money here?

What about the price? Just how genuine is it? Has everything been factored in, including volume rebates and what is often referred to as ‘training support or ‘marketing allowances’?

Are you confident that you have the answers to these questions? ...

iClaim Solutions

If you want to have strong, fair and effective arrangements in place, arrangements which treat you and your customers fairly then you will want to contact us at iClaim Solutions.

We have been working with Insurers and MGAs for the past 20 years supplying validation services. Whilst engaging with the insurers we promoted the principle that things are changing as technology takes over in the fintech world and the insurance industry will have to change. The Gartner’s report supported that view. We have since developed a digital solution platform for the insurance market to handle and manage policies from inception to marketing and claims handling, whilst also factoring in:

  • Fraud detection
  • Fast effective validation
  • Transparency
  • Taking control of claims
  • Giving claims handlers the ability settle the claim on the first call
  • Giving them the confidence to know that a repair is worth considering
  • Or that the cash settlement being offered is justified
  • Treating the Customer Fairly (TCF) and providing choice

We welcome the opportunity to discuss with you in detail our technologically advanced “21st Century Claims Handling” system and demonstrate the key features we have integrated, and other cutting edge unique innovations.