On the first call our tools provide the confidence for agents to confidently and quickly confirm a loss, identify the correct replacement item (or value) and arrange a settlement with the policy holder.



We believe that communications is crucial in claims management, and the tool fully embraces 21st Century interaction and communication principles between policy holder and



The solution uses the latest in technology to fully utilise the internet and uses the current trend of Cloud computing to provide a robust platform which is both mobile and global through our web app.

Helping You Find the Right Solutions

Regain control of claims and letting your agents settle the claim quickly & efficiently, giving them the confidence to know whether a repair is actually worth considering or that a cash settlement being offered is justified, but if the policyholder wants you to replace the goods then it’s just a click away. Ultimately claims management is about choice, flexibility and satisfaction both for the handler and the policyholder, and satisfied policyholders lead to renewals on policies and customer retention.

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